Sahaj Accounting

Complete Accounting system from voucher entry to final statements

Sahaj Accounting

Welcome to Sahaj Accounting software, not just accounting, complete business solutions.Whether you plan to manage your personal accounts or the finances of your business, you canuse Sahaj Accounting to simplify record keeping, and track the progress of your financial goals.

You can manage a number of accounts, maintain customer and supplier information, designyour own documents such as vouchers, invoices, and bills, enter transaction details, reconcilebank statements and prepare a trading account.

You can generate all the regular reports--final reports such as Balance sheet, Trail Balance andProfit and Loss statement, Account and Group Balances, Customer and Supplier Reports, StockReports and Tax Reports. You can also generate analysis reports such as Income and ExpenseAnalysis, Sales and Purchases Analysis, and Cost-center wise Analysis to help you take crucialbusiness decisions.

In Sahaj Accounting, you can perform your basic tasks--setting up your company details,account, items, and register columns; entering transactions; and generating your journal,Ledger, Trail Balance, Profit and Loss Statement, and Balance Sheet--in less than an hour! Andyou can perform all the advanced tasks in less than a da

New Features in Sahaj Accounting

Sahaj Accounting Is advance Version of your exiting accounting and includes lots of new featuresand enhancements that further simplify record keeping and provide additional security. Hereare some of the new features and enhancements.

Smart data entry and retrieval

Sahaj Accounting provides you with a combination of short cut keys for quick navigation. Thedata entry is fast as various function keys are provided to access the important information youmay want to tag to the vouchers during transaction entry and Functions Like copy document,Copy Lines and copy narrations makes transaction entry Faster and more Accurate

Print and Export Reports and Documents

In Sahaj Accounting, you can print specify a combination of filtering criteria for reportgeneration and print or export onto desired application. You can also export invoices to a bmpor a pdf format. You can generate cash, bank receipts and payment advice along with designingand printing your cheques.

Enhancements to Reports

In Sahaj Accounting, the formats of several reports have been modified to accommodateadditional details like in Ledger detail, Tax register, Trading account, Bank reconciliation and pay-in-slip. For Balance sheet, Trial balance and Profit & Loss statements, you have an option toprint in millions format as well. You can now get your stock valuation including or excludingcharges.

Document Access Privileges

The access privileges have been enhanced with modify, delete, viewing and printing options forall setup operations and documents as well.

Multiple Financial Years

You can now maintain your accounting information for multiple years. This means that you canallow, enter /modify or delete transactions of previous years and have all balances updatedinstantly.

Multiple Document Layouts

In Sahaj Accounting, you can design multiple layouts for each of your document type based onyour requirements and print the layout you want at the time of printing.

Sorting the Chart of Accounts

In Sahaj Accounting, the accounts under a group are listed in the order in which you set themup. Using the ‘Sort’ feature of Sahaj Accounting, you can quickly arrange all the accounts undera group in the alphabetical order. You have the option to sort the accounts under all the groupsin the Chart of Accounts, or you can sort the accounts under only select groups. You can design and store your chart of accounts structure through set template option and drawyour Balance sheet and Profit & Loss account reports based on template as well.

Enhancements to the Workplace

The Sahaj Accounting workplace includes several enhancements to make it easier to work withwindows and dialog boxes. Sahaj Accounting allows you to switch from one task to another. As aresult, you may have a number of windows open at the same time. Unlike other Applicationswhere you can operate only in a single window. In Sahaj Accounting, you just need to select the‘Close All Windows’ option, and Sahaj Accounting closes all the windows that are open. In SahajAccounting, several dialog boxes such as the Item/Narration List include the Refresh button, sothat you have the most recent information at your fingertips.

Invoice Designer

You can virtually create your invoices to fit your preprinted stationery. Design your invoices tosuit your statutory and business requirements. You can even print the same. You can put dateand time stamp of printing on your invoices. You can display totals of the columnar amountsand quantities. You can also create user-defined fields and make it mandatory to enter values inthe same.

Performance Improvements

Sahaj Accounting includes many significant improvements to over-all performance. Generatingreports such as the Ledger, Cash/Bank Book, Journal, Customer/Supplier List, Customer Statement,Customer/Supplier Transaction Analysis, and Transaction List is faster.

Charge Matrix

Sahaj accounting allows you to attach a charge to all your stock and narrations instantly.Through charge matrix you can set up customer and supplier specific charges for each item oritems under a group. It helps you automatic selection of Charges and tax category in invoicingwhich makes invoicing simpler, faster and accurate.

Price Matrix

With Price Matrix you can define Product wise different prices for each customer type andmanage changes in prices of items with ease.