Stock Management System (eStock)

Sahaj’s Software is a GUI based Business management system. Sahaj’s exploits the GUI features of MS Windows very effectively. Reports for the respective modules are also printed. The strengths of the software are:- Unlike traditional Software vendors who recommend adapting your enterprise processes to match the default software settings, Sahaj encourages you to customize your solution to match your business needs. The Model-driven Application Platform Enables you to customize your solution — quickly, easily and affordably — Typically without programming.

Features in E-Stock

Easier to Implement

With Sahaj’s E-STOCK implementation is easier because it provides both strong Functionality upon software installation, and ease of customization to your business Needs. What's more, Sahaj’s provides a multitude of resources to streamline the E-STOCK Implementation process.

Easier to Extend

The Sahaj’s Module-driven Application Platform makes it easier to expand your E-STOCK solution to growing, changing and evolving enterprise needs.

Easier to Change

Sahaj’ E-STOCK is easier to change because there are no "final" decisions. Any element of the E-STOCK system can be changed at any time without consequences in other parts of the application or to application data.

Software Highlights

  • • User Friendly interface.
  • • Secured via valid User and Passwords.
  • • Secure via Permissions.
  • • User Creation and Administration for user permissions.
  • • Structured categorization of modules and reports.
  • • One time entries for master data.
  • • Import of Master from MS Excel
  • • Definable Controls like rules and defaults.
  • • Supports Multi-company requirements.
  • • Supports Multi-user environment.
  • • Available on multiple platforms.

The strengths of the software are

  • • Supports Multi-company requirements.
  • • Supports Multi-user environment.
  • • Available on multiple platforms.
Chart of Acoounts
  • Vendor /Accounts Detail Like Name
  • Address, Phone , Email
  • Excise Registration Details, Payment Terms Etc.
  • Accounts Groupings
Item Mangment Modules
  • Item Name ,
  • Item Details ,
  • Unit Management
  • Leverage Ratio
  • ROL, ROQ, Mininmum Stock , Maximum Stock etc.
  • Location Mapping/ Rack Linking
  • Item Classification and Sub Classification
  • Rate Information
  • Production Line Master
  • Requisition Note
  • Material Planning
  • Requisition Note for Purchase Order
  • Purchase Order with Delivery Schedule
  • Material Receipt Note (Purchaser agst Purchase Orders)
  • Quality Checking (Q.C)
  • Stock Issue Voucher Tagged with Production Line
  • Return of Returnable Gate pass
  • Debit Note for Damages and Short Qty
  • Stock Adjustment (with Admin Security)
  • For Plus/Minus Adjustment in :
    • Purchase Orders
    • Requisitions Notes
    • Physical and Computer Stock
  • Stock Statement Item wise
  • Stock Statement Group and Subgroup wise
  • Stock Statement Location and Rack wise
  • Stock Ledgers
  • Stock Register of Non Returnable Gate Pass
  • Purchase Orders :
    • Item Wise Pending Order Status
    • Party wise Pending Order Status
    • PO No. wise Pending Order Status
  • Requisition Note :
    • Requisition Note Register
    • Item Wise Pending Requisition Notoes
    • Pending Request Register
    • Department wise Pending Request Status
    • Requisition No.wise Pending Request Status
    • Pending Request for Purchase Orders
  • Debit Note Register