Sahaj is a creative blend of highly talented individuals constantly working together with their expertise knowledge to up hold the significance of SAHAJ

About Us

SAHAJ is the Dynamic software Development and Software support organization based in Delhi. Its business activities revolve around Information Technology since the commencement of its operations in 1995

SAHAJ provides a full range of consultancy services that include software development ,customisation, Implemnentation,after Sales support Services and products marketing. SAHAJ has a wide range of standard software , Like EXNGN (A Product of TATA Consultancy Services ),e-Pay(A Comprehensive Payroll Solution),Tax Accountant – TDS Management Solutions etc.

SAHAJ is Enterprises Solutions & Development Partner of TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES for their Business Application Softwares Like Ex Next Generation, SAHAJ has implented more then 700 sites in different verticals like Manfacturing, Retail, Trading, Consultancy, Financial Services, Construction , BPO etc.

SAHAJ has executed over 400 projects with various organisations , to support its activities, SAHAJ has extensive experience in Software Development. Over the years, SAHAJ has developed and perfected its own methodology using tools developed in- house and by third parties and sound concepts aimed at defect prevention and detection rather than mere defect correction.

Our Process of Working

Our Mission & Vision

SAHAJ trains its staff members to view assignments in the context of a larger system and its subsystems. It encourages prototyping, simulation and a systems approach to assignments. It allows and provides for experimentation, innovation and creativity in finding feasible and practical solutions to problems.

It has been endeavour to develop excellence in various areas of its operations and this search for excellence is pursued relentlessly. To develop a sense of excellence and to maintain it in a changing environment requires continuous updating and training. This accent on training helps to update expertise, and to build up additional skills to meet the changing requirements and ward off obsolescence.

SAHAJ believes that the latest hardware and systems software are necessary for training its people and for carrying out assignments for its customers. SAHAJ uses special tools and utilities that are appropriate to meet the requirements of each project and enhance quality and productivity.The tool development process encapsulates the expertise of persons in an external form.SAHAJ also practices an assiduous error analysis, procedure in order to provide for future use a preventive mechanism comprising checklists, tools, and procedures. This has been proven to be successful in minimizing the recurrence of errors.

It aims at the utmost customer satisfaction. Its commitment extends to implementation and maintenance of systems. It works in tandem with the customer and at the end of the assignment ensures that the required skills get transferred to the customer's organization.

It builds in its people an awareness of quality at all stages of the assignments. This leads to the embedding of quality in the process as a whole. SAHAJ believes that quality and productivity are inseparable and that they are to be emphasized and expected to be adhered to by all groups of the organization. SAHAJ believes that high quality of deliverables can be achieved only if formal procedures and processes are defined for and adhered to in various tasks. Significant work on the project commences only after reaching an agreement with the client on the process to be followed, and confirmed that it works effectively.

Way We work

We make awesome, cloud-based, integrated software and tools for small businesses as well as fr large Businesses. So far, that includes Invoicing, Accounting, Payroll, Payments and more, plus Personal Finance Software, Attendance Management and many more

Our Approach

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Our Associates

Sahaj has executed more than 300 Projects in different verticals like Manufacturing, Retail, Trading, Consultancy, Financial Services, BPO, etc .
Sahaj has more than 1000 Satisfied Customers in India

How We Delivers

Meet the team

We're proud to introduce the dedicated team that builds our products, supports our customers, and works hard to re-invent the way owners use technology to run their business.

In addition to expertise ranging from computer science to small business accounting and payroll, many of the Sahaj team members share another important quality: We've been small business owners, freelancers, contractors and consultants ourselves.

why Choose Us?

We constantly evaluate the latest trends in the development community and improve ourselves to provide mind-blowing development solutions.

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